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  • Bushing grand

    Bushing grand


    By cutting off the first stage or the second stage of the cable protection part, compatibility with each cable diameter can be achieved. [Features] Because the product is integrated, the cost is lowered and by removing the cable protection part (AB part), the product can be adapted to a variety of different cable sizes.

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    3 Arbeitstage

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  • Water resistant nylon elbow colgate grand

    Water resistant nylon elbow colgate grand [10 Stk. pro Packung]


    Complete waterproofing IP68 elbow type colgate connection gland that combines with NGN tubes [Features] · A perfect seal completely blocks out external water, oil, and dust protecting internal precision parts. · For various machinery equipment, vehicles, control systems, movable parts of machinery, motors, internal combinations in distribution boards and control boxes, industrial building, lighting fixtures/equipment, communications equipment, instrumentation, display devices, various plants, and general electrical facilities, etc. · The main unit is inserted in the mounting hole, tightened from behind using a lock nut, or secured by twisting the main unit in a screw hole on the housing side. After removing seal nut and after moving towards the corrugated tube, push the rubber seal to the corrugated tube.

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    10 Arbeitstage

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  • Nylon Elbow Corrugated Gland

    Nylon Elbow Corrugated Gland [10 Stk. pro Packung]


    A non-waterproof 90° elbow type corrugated connecting gland. [Features] · Manufactured from nylon 66, this elbow gland fitting has superior resistance to inorganic acids, inorganic alkalis, organic solvents, and oils. This product has UL94V-2 flame retardant performance, prevents intrusion of dust, and protects the cables and internal precision parts. · For use with various machinery equipment, vehicles, control systems, movable parts of machinery, motors, distribution boards, internal couplings inside control boxes, industrial building, lighting fixtures/equipment, communication equipment, measuring instruments, display devices, various plants, and general electrical installations, etc. · The main unit inserts into mounting holes and is then either tightened from the reverse side using a lock nut or secured by threading the main body into a threaded hole on the enclosure panel. · The sealing nut removes to allow the corrugated tube to be fed through it and the internal claw to be slid onto the end of the corrugated tube. · The corrugated tube is then inserted into the main body with the claw attached on the end. · The sealing nut is then threaded back onto the main body, securing the corrugated hose inside the fitting.

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    9 Arbeitstage

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  • Packing Type Cable Ground (explosion-proof structure)

    Packing Type Cable Ground (explosion-proof structure)


    [Features] - Can be used in Class 1 and Class 2 hazardous locations. [Use] - Metal fitting for pulling cable into terminal boxes, gauges, etc.

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    4 Arbeitstage

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