Binding Tool Cable Ties

Binding Tool Cable Ties

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Binding tool to tighten and cut the nylon binding band

● This is a bundling tool that can be used for nylon binding bands with a width 2.5mm ~ 4.8mm
● The binding band is cut after tightening.

· Caution is needed when tightening. If the bundle is too loose, wires may slip out from the bundle, and if it is too tight, the wire coating may be damaged.
· Bundling is optimal when the band can be rotated on the wires, but it holds and does not come off in the lateral direction.
· Depending on the quantity of your order, the delivery time may require an estimate.
· The appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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Features Standard Model Suitable Cable Tie Width For Width 2.5mm ~ 4.8mm

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