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CL07 Waterproof Connector Simplified Manual Crimper

CL07 Waterproof Connector Simplified Manual Crimper

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CL07 Waterproof Connector Protomodel, Simple Crimping Tool for Maintenance

● Dedicated crimping tools for CL07 waterproof connectors.
● Used as a crimping tool when combined together with dies and a handle.  

· It can only crimp compatible contacts.
· Tools developed for proto-model protection work. For product manufacturing lines, we recommend using the tools specified by the connector manufacturer.
· Die lock pins and die lock screws are included with each dies set.
· The packing part is crimped only relatively loosely to avoid damaging the waterproof packing.
· There is no calibration for the die mounting model tool.


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CL07 Waterproof Connector Simplified Manual Crimper:Related Image

Dedicated HandleHT-3363FM450

Weitere Informationen

CL07 Waterproof Connector Simplified Manual Crimper:Related Image

CL07 Waterproof Connector Simplified Manual Crimper:Related Image

CL07 Waterproof Connector Simplified Manual Crimper:Related Image


ModelConnector TypeCompatible Die
Compatible Contact
Compatible Wire
DiesDedicated HandleAWG SizeConductor Section Area mm2Insulation OD mm
SW-EHT-3363FMCL07 Waterproof Connector21512-PS215001-2M22 ~ 160.3 ~ 1.251.7 ~ 2.6
21534-PS215003-2M1.9 ~ 3.1


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● A waterproof relay connector (JIS C0920 protection degree 4 IP64 or equivalent).
● A connector that is suitable for wiring outdoors, places with high humidity, wet areas, etc.
● Can be used with large currents of up to 10 A.
● Due to the installation of the lock mechanism after bonding, a configuration is formed that prevents an undoing of the bond caused by possible vibration.
● Uses a simple manual crimping tool that can also be used for crimping various nylon connectors by simply exchanging the die.


Item Content
Rated Voltage 300 V
Rated Current 10 A (MAX)
Withstand Voltage 1,700 VAC (1 minute)
Insulation Resistance 1,000 MΩ or more / 500 VDC
Contact Resistance 10 mΩ or less
Applicable Electric Wire Range AWG22 ~ 16 (0.3 ~ 1.25 mm2)
Suitable Electric Wire Insulation Outer Diameter 2.6 ~ 3.1 mm
Operating Temperature Range -40 ~ +105°C
Waterproofing Performance JIS 0920-1982 Protection Degree 4 (IP64 Equivalent)

Correspondence Table for Housing, Contact, and Wire

Housing Number Male / Female Compatible Contact (P.dA5-71) Electric Wire
Product Model Number Type Compatible Wire Insulation OD (mm) Electric Wire Strip Length
CL07D0*M Male 215001-2M Male AWG22 ~ 20
(0.3 ~ 0.5 mm2)
φ2.6 or less 4.5 ~ 5.0 mm
CL07D0*A Female 215002-2M Female
CL07D0*M Male 215003-2M Male AWG20 ~ 16
(0.5 ~ 1.25 mm2)
φ3.1 or less
CL07D0*A Female 215004-2M Female


Item Material
Housing PBT (UL94V-0) White
Terminal Brass / Tin Plated
Waterproof Packing Silicone Rubber

Structural Drawing

About Coupling

Grundlegende Informationen

Applicable Type CL07 Waterproof Connector Simplified Model of Manual Crimping Tool Product Classification Crimping Tool

Sie befinden sich auf der Seite für CL07 Waterproof Connector Simplified Manual Crimper, die Teilenummer ist SW-E.
Sie finden detaillierte Informationen über Spezifikation und Dimensionierung unter der Teilenummer SW-E.

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