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Semi-braided hose with a pressure resistance capable of withstanding air pressures up to 1.5 Mpa. Suitable for gas stations and car repair shops.


· Light and easy to handle thanks to φ28 mm outer diameter (standard type).
· Thanks to its ability to be freely expanded/contracted and its light weight (1/3 that of the rubber hose), grip operation is easy, helping alleviate fatigue in workers.
· It is highly resilient, and stands up, problem-free, to repeated testing, including being run-over by trucks etc.
▪ Offers 3 to 5 times the abrasion resistance of the rubber hose.
▪ Chemical resistance (30 days): Uses material able to withstand almost all chemicals except hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, caustic soda, methyl chloride, chlorine and benzaldehyde.
· Heat resistance 70°C.
▪ Cold-resistance: Does not lose its flexibility, even at -10°C.
▪ Can withstand over 300, 000 expansion/contraction tests performed at air pressures of 0.7 MPa without displaying any abnormalities.
▪ With a small outer curling diameter and straight wires with set dimensions at both ends of the hose, the hose will not break, even when handled roughly.
· Its pale green color is easy on the eyes.


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Nutzung Schneidservice kA Außendurchmesser(Ø) 10 Außen-Ø [Unterscheidung] ~10
Innendurchmesser(Ø) 6.5 Werkstoff Urethan Innen-Ø [Unterscheidung] ~7
Zulässige Flüssigkeit Luft Betriebsumgebung Standard / Druckbeständigkeit / Wärmebeständigkeit / Abriebbeständigkeit / Kältebeständigkeit Farbe Grün
Anzahl der Bohrungen(Kern) 1 Werkstoff, Polyurethankautschuk Polyurethan Berstdruck(MPa) 4.4
Betriebsluftdruck(MPa) Bis zu 1,5 Nippelgröße G1/4 Innengewindeschraube

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