Edelstahllenkrollen, frei, Stopfen JSZ mit Metallbeschlägen MCB / JSZ

Edelstahllenkrollen, frei, Stopfen JSZ mit Metallbeschlägen MCB / JSZ

A stainless steel caster in which SUS304 is used for the hardware main body. Since an MC nylon wheel is used, it is strong against rust and is preferred for use at food factories, etc.

· A variation in which an MC nylon wheel and a stainless steel hardware with a swivel brake are combined.
· Selection is possible to suit the application, such as for usage in special environments.
· Can be used together with the stainless steel caster with fixed KS hardware.
· A double stopper that stops swiveling and the wheel simultaneously.
· Since rubber is used for the contact portion of the brake spring with the wheel, slipping will not easily occur even with wheels made of a hard material such as nylon.
· A model with a left-stopper is also available for the ø100


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Grundlegende Informationen

Rollenausführung Platte, universal Anschlag Mit doppeltem Stopper (Rotation + Schwenken) Radwerkstoff MC-Nylon
Befestigungsmaterial Edelstahl Befestigungsbohrungsausführung Rundbohrung

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