SUS Top System (Gehäuse)

SUS Top System (Gehäuse)
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Designed for stainless steel pipes.

· Wide selection of products for surface treatments.
· Prevents bolt from dropping out during construction work, allowing safe and quick operation.
· Due to recent environmental degradation affecting water supply, a high concentration of chlorine has been used for sterilization, significantly affecting pipes.
· As a result, we have developed and adopted a gasket with heat resistant and chlorine resistant properties.
· Because we offer a wide range of stainless steel SUS Top Systems, joining of mid to large diameter stainless steel piping is made easy via combinations of top joint epoxy-coated products and Nylon-coated products.
· Pipe treatment and joining are simpler and faster than when threaded fittings or weld joining is used.
· Structurally strong and flexible against pipe sagging and stretching (able to support loop piping, etc.).
· Fitting suppresses elastic flexibility, supporting the R-5 and R-11, by providing unevenness on the mating surface of the housing.


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Grundlegende Informationen

Art Verbinder Passendes Rohr Edelstahlrohr Geeignetes Fluid Wasser
Maximaler Betriebsdruck(MPa) 2 Dichtungswerkstoff Hitze- und chlorbeständiges EPDM Haupteinheits-Material EN 1.4408 Äquiv.
Festziehender Bolzentyp Schraube und Mutter

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