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SUS Top System (Verbindungen), 10K Flansch-Adapter

SUS Top System (Verbindungen), 10K Flansch-Adapter
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For stainless steel pipes

· Koma-SUS fittings are expanded, pipe fittings for stainless steel pipes that enable reliable pipe installations without requiring special tools or complicated techniques.
· Well-received by customers and already in use in many installations.
· Strong fitting via pipe expansion.
· Fitting features a structure wherein the tube's expanded portion is hooked onto a nut.
· If the nut is not tightened, there is no need to worry about the nut coming off as it is engaged with the screw on the main body.
· Secure connections are formed quickly.
· Joining after expanding the pipe can easily be performed using a pipe wrench.
· Furthermore, packing is prevented from falling out by providing a packing room, thus preventing part attachment failure during installation.
· Tightening misses can be confirmed at a glance by checking whether the FP color is blue or red.
· During hand tightening, a red FP color can be seen.
· When tightening to the appropriate torque is completed, the red FP color is hidden and cannot be seen under the blue FP color, and completion of tightening can be confirmed at a glance.
· Pipe expansion is easy.
· Pipe expansion can easily be performed using a special pipe expander.


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Art Anschlussstücke Passendes Rohr Edelstahlrohr Geeignetes Fluid Wasser
Maximaler Betriebsdruck(MPa) 2 Dichtungswerkstoff Hitze- und chlorbeständiges EPDM Haupteinheits-Material EN 1.4408 Äquiv.

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