Schnelldichtungs-Serie Einsatz-Modell (Messing-Spezifikation) Blenden-Touch-Verbinder (Zoll-Größe)

Schnelldichtungs-Serie Einsatz-Modell (Messing-Spezifikation) Blenden-Touch-Verbinder (Zoll-Größe)

3 item system made up of brass specification panel connector (inch size) fitting unit, nuts and sleeves, and the fitting unit and insert are integrated. Also, it is excellent in negative pressure performance.

· The tube is connected by Push One®.
· No need for jigs nor tools to connect the tube.
· Electroless nickel plated.
· There is little deterioration of the surface and elution of copper ions into the fluid is prevented.
· Flame retardant resin (equivalent to UL94 V-0 standard) adopted.
· Noncombustible PBT resin is used for the materials.
· Equivalent to UL94 V-0 standard, has superior self-extinguishing properties.
·Can be used in environments where sputtering occurs.
· There is no need to wrap the R threads with seal processing tape


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