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BN-Kappe (Innendurchmesser BN-Düse: 30 dediziert, schwarz)【5 Stk. pro Packung】

BN-Kappe (Innendurchmesser BN-Düse: 30 dediziert, schwarz)
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By using in combination with the BN nozzle (inner diameter: 30), foreign material is prevented from penetrating inside a piece of equipment, panel or piping, without requiring a through hole. The product is black.

· Uses a flame retardant Nylon resin that does not contain toxic substances and that holds superior heat, impact, abrasion, oil, chemical, and tracking resistance characteristics in good balance.
▪ Both ends of the inner surface of the BN nozzle are chamfered to prevent scratches from appearing on the surface of objects which are inserted into it.
▪ BN nozzle is a one touch screw with threads only.
The BN cap and BN nozzle can be fitted and installed using a one touch push.
The internal diameter of the nozzle lines up a wide range of sizes from a small opening diameter up to a large opening diameter ⌀8–⌀120.
Black and white are available, so it can be combined with any material.



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Grundlegende Informationen

Werkstoff Nylon Innendurchmesser(mm) 30 Form Kappe
Farbe Schwarz Außendurchmesser φ(mm) 36 Anzahl mit Packungen(Stück) 5

Sie befinden sich auf der Seite für BN-Kappe (Innendurchmesser BN-Düse: 30 dediziert, schwarz), die Teilenummer ist BN30SC.
Sie finden detaillierte Informationen über Spezifikation und Dimensionierung unter der Teilenummer BN30SC.

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