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· Bushing made of Nylon resin that protects cords and tubing in through-holes. Made of Nylon plastic which excels in shock resistance.

· A flame retardant Nylon resin that does not contain toxic substances and that holds superior heat, impact, abrasion, oil, chemical, and tracking resistance characteristics in good balance.
▪ Both ends of the inner surface of the BN nozzle are chamfered to prevent scratches from appearing on the surface of objects which are inserted into it.
▪ BN nozzle is screw type with threads only.
Pushing the BN cap and the B nozzle is only a one-touch push; can easily fitted and installed.
The internal diameter of the nozzle comes in a wide range of sizes from a small opening diameter up to a large opening diameter ⌀8–⌀120.
Black and white are available, so it can be combined with any material.



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Grundlegende Informationen

Werkstoff Nylon Innendurchmesser(mm) 90 Form Führungsbuchse Netzkabel
Außendurchmesser φ(mm) 132

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