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LED-Rundumlicht mit integriertem MP3-Synthesizer

LED-Rundumlicht mit integriertem MP3-Synthesizer
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An energy saving, long life, and maintenance-free LED rotating light with integrated high quality MP3 audio synthesis. Produces a maximum volume of 95 dB (at 1 m). No sound sources (MP3 data) included. Please prepare separately.

· Features built-in MP3 audio synthesis and an LED rotating light.
· Uses MP3 technology for high-quality and clear message playback. Messages can be easily rewritten using the audio programming tool FV-Win (sold separately) and an SD card (sold separately).
· Boasts greater energy-saving performance and a longer service life than light bulb types. The LED light source reduces maintenance as there is no need to replace dead bulbs. Gives stable light over long periods.
· The rotation mechanism uses a gear system. This prevents idling due to the belt wearing out, etc. Can also be used in emergency applications in which rotation is not normally used.
· Boasts a maximum volume of 95dB (at 1 m). The built-in control enables the volume to be adjusted.
· Tasks such as changing the settings or rewriting messages can be performed while the product is installed without having to remove the side covers.
· The built-in test switches enable easy operation of the product and facilitate easy configuration of the settings during installation such as volume adjustment etc.
· Switch the operation mode to set to bit input (four channels) or binary input (15 channels).
· The sound can be reduced by approximately 15dB via the sound reduction input.
· The combination of a timer and sensor allow noise reduction for use during nighttime.
· Features compatibility with NPN transistor open collectors, enabling direct drive with a PLC etc.
· Boasts a protection grade of IP54 and can even be used outdoors (with forwards mounting).


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360.09 €

1 Verfügbar 24 Arbeitstage DC24VBlauCE

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Grundlegende Informationen

Teilform mit Beleuchtung Zylindrisch Größe(φ) 100 Leuchtkörper LED
Befestigungsmethode Direktmontage Summer (enthalten) Stimme Leuchtend/blinkend Beleuchtung
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