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LED-Beleuchtung CLA

LED-Beleuchtung CLA
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An LED featuring an IP69K protection grade and designed for machinery cleaning at food processing factories, etc.

· 30% or more brighter than conventional products (CLB-N type 300lx to 400lx / 0.5 m. Compared to CLA3S type.)
· In terms of waterproof performance, it meets IP69K standards (first in industry / in-house research) required for use at work sites in which 80°C high-pressure warm water washing is carried out, such as in the meat, food processing, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries. Also complies with IP66/67.
· Temperature of heat generated by the product has been reduced to 40 degrees or less (34% reduction compared to 20W equivalent fluorescent lamps), and the burden on the installation environment has been reduced.
· Seven sizes (100 to 1,500 mm), three colors (daylight, cool white, yellow), and four attachment types including magnet attachment are available.



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Grundlegende Informationen

Form Gerade LED-Farbe Weiß Eingangsspannung 24 VDC
Zentrale Beleuchtungsstärke(lx) 400 Schutzart IP66/67/69K Repräsentativer Standard CE
Abmessung Länge(mm) 324 Breite(mm) 34 Dicke(mm) 22.5

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