CS lock normal temperature shrinkage type CP series

CS lock normal temperature shrinkage type CP series
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Shrink tubing is made of ethylene-propylene rubber.

Tube shrinks by just pulling out the spiral-shaped plastic core.
Protection and waterproofing are easy.
Uses an ethylene-propylene rubber that is excellent for weatherproofing, elasticity, and shrinkability.
Compared to taping, work is easier, and also has a uniform finish.
In addition, it is optimal for cable protection of folding parts or movable parts.


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TeilenummerStandard-StückpreisMengenrabattLieferzeit?RoHSConforming cable external shape (minimum)
Conforming cable external shape (maximum)
Screw Number with packs

7.07 €

Verfügbar 3 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel8.013.0G1/2 / CTG16-

7.94 €

3 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel10.015.0G3/4 / CTG22100


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