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Rechteckiger Schnittstellenstecker in Miniaturausführung mit Verriegelung – Serie ST

Rechteckiger Schnittstellenstecker in Miniaturausführung mit Verriegelung – Serie ST
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While being small in size and low-profile in design with a height of 3 mm, the lock mechanism is powerful in this interface connector. Ideal for use with interfaces of small devices.

· Powerful lock mechanism: The design enables resistance against tensive force of 49 N in vertical and horizontal directions, and in the direction of engagement, while the connector is in a mated state.
· Protection is ensured even if sudden impact occurs unexpectedly, enabling worry-free use.
· Prevents reverse entry and diagonal mating: The four upper and lower keys prevent reverse entry and diagonal mating of the connector.
· If diagonal mating occurs, then the construction ensures protection from contact between the receptacle signal portion and the plug. Thus, this connector is ideal for use with peripherals that require frequent insertion and removal.
· Ideal for use with interfaces included in small devices: The plug is 8 mm in thickness and 20 mm in length, making it a natural fit for use with small devices.
· Receptacle is low-profile with a height of 3 mm, and the contact pitch is 0.5 mm. Product can be mounted with a small footprint, helping achieve device miniaturization.
· Wide variety of offerings: Can be used with various types of peripheral device connections. A broad range of offerings includes a sealed plug for data communication, a non-sealed plug for charging, a reverse plug type which supports mounting, a cradle-type that can be used for cradle equipment, and more.
· Cable type can be chosen by the user: Plugs are connected via soldering, so cables can be chosen by the user.
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TeilenummerStandard-StückpreisMengenrabattLieferzeit?Connector series initials Applicable pin/contact Number Of Cores Steckverbinderausführung Verkabelungsverfahren Connection direction Beschichtung von Bauteil mit Kontakt zur Klemme Produktkategorie Eigenschaften Betriebstemperaturbereich

3.11 €

Verfügbar 4 Arbeitstage S· T· UBuchse10[Cable Connection] KabelanschlussLötmittelGeradeGoldSteckerAusführung ohne Abschirmung–30 bis +80

2.27 €

Verfügbar 3 Arbeitstage S· T· UStecker10Für PCB-Winkel----30~+80

2.41 €

Verfügbar 3 Arbeitstage S· T· UStecker18Für PCB-Winkel----30~+80

2.56 €

Verfügbar 3 Arbeitstage S· T· UStecker24Für PCB-Winkel----30~+80


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Grundlegende Informationen

Connector Shape Rechteckig S· T· U ST Nennstrom(A) 0.5
Allowable Voltage(V) AC100 Kontakt-Rastermaß(mm) 0.5

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