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Serie ML-900-C

Serie ML-900-C
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An ML-900-C series cover for ML-900 series products.

· The TQB series is a large capacity type terminal block available in a number of variations for use in different applications, including for branching, for breakers, and relaying, etc.
· For branching applications, it can support multiple branch numbers and various types of branch wiring. It can help reduce work by approximately 1/6, and the amount of space required for installation by approximately 15% (compared to branch wiring which uses conventional copper bar).
· With assembled types especially, the lack of a side base helps save on space.
Features rated settings configured especially for each model and for applications using heat-resistant wires.


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Typ Abdeckung Kompatible Produkte ML-900 Werkstoff Polycarbonat (UL94V-0)

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