DC Clamp Logger, ZN-DCC11

DC Clamp Logger, ZN-DCC11

Easy measurement of direct current values. Logger with Integrated Clamp

· Logging can be started with a push of a button. Data is logged to the internal memory at predetermined intervals (default is one second).
· Logged data, as well as average/maximum/minimum values, can be viewed in real time.
· High speed sampling. As low as 500 ms sampling.
· Long lasting battery. Capable of recording data for up to six days when fully charged. *At a recording interval of one second (23°C).
· The battery lasts for approximately 27 days at a recording interval of one minute.
· Environmentally tolerant.
· Operating temperature range: -10°C - +55°C.
· Usable in extreme temperatures.


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Type Clamp power logger Usage Form Handy External storage Not Applicable
Display Liquid crystal 7 segment 4 digits 1 levels Measurement DC Current Range (A) ±200 Measurement Application Circuit (Power Logger) DC System Circuit (DC)
Function Instantaneous Power Clamp Inner Diameter (mm) φ23 Material ABS
Protective Structure IP30

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