Surface-Mount Relay, G6K

Surface-Mount Relay, G6K

· Surface mount relay which realizes the world's smallest installation area and low height.
· Ultra small with Height 5.2 mm × Width 6.5 mm × Length 10 mm and compatible with high density installations (G6K (U)-2F (-Y) type).
· Achieves a low height of 5.2 mm and guarantees improvement in terms of installation efficiency (G6K(U)-2F(-Y)).
· Supports instillation speed that is one rank higher thanks to ultra light weight design of about 0.7 g.
· Realizes high sensitivity of low power consumption of 100 mW, about 70% of comparable products by the same manufacturer.
· Thanks to a unique terminal structure showing a high infrared radiation efficiency, during IRS installation, the terminal rises readily for good soldering conditions (surface mount terminal type).
· High voltage resistance of 1,500 VAC between the coil and contact and shock voltage resistance 1.5 kV 10×160 μs (FCC Part 68).
· The -Y series realizes a shock voltage resistance of 2.5 kV2×10 μs (compliant with the Telcordia standard) by optimizing the distance between the coil contact terminals.
· UL/CSA and EN60950 certified with standard design.


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G6K-2P DC4.5
G6K-2P DC5
G6K-2P DC12
G6K-2P DC24
G6K-2P-Y DC3
G6K-2P-Y DC4.5
G6K-2P-Y DC5
G6K-2P-Y DC12
G6K-2P-Y DC24
TeilenummerStandard-StückpreisMengenrabattLieferzeit?RoHSCoil rated voltage (DC)

6.07 €

5 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel4.5-

6.07 €

5 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel5-

6.07 €

5 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel12-

7.00 €

5 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel24-

6.07 €

5 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel3High insulation

6.07 €

5 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel4.5High insulation

6.07 €

5 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel5High insulation

6.07 €

5 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel12High insulation

6.92 €

5 Arbeitstage Vollständig kompatibel24High insulation


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Grundlegende Informationen

Application For Signals Contact Configuration 2c Latch function NA
Terminal shape For Circuit Boards Contact rated current (minimum value for AC and DC)(A) 0.3 Dimension height(mm) 5
Dimension width(mm) 10 Dimension depth(mm) 6.5 Classification Single stable shape
Protective Structure Plastic seal type Contact mechanism Crossbar twin Circuit Board Mounting Circuit Board Hole Insertion
AC rated load(V)/(A) AC125/0.3 DC rated load(V)/(A) DC30/1

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