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Leistungs-MOS-FET-Relais G3DZ

Leistungs-MOS-FET-Relais G3DZ

· A 1.27 mm pitch connector for high-density mounting and compacted electronic devices
· High-density mounting is possible thanks to the two-row configuration with a contact pitch of 1.27 mm.
· A four-row staggered array (1.27 mm × 1.905 mm) for connection with circuit boards.
· Uses a leaf contact structure that is able to hold up to prying and that enables smooth insertion and extraction.
· Has a mating length of 3.1 mm, helping improve space during mounting.
· The design of the press fit section helps maintain a stable contact force.
· What's more, by utilizing gold and palladium-plated contact points, the reliability of the contacts has been improved even further.
· Standardized stop pins for all contacts to prevent floating and falling during soldering.
· Can also be screw fixed on to circuit boards.
· UL standard certified product (file no. E103202).
· Cannot be mated with XH3/XH4 half pitch connectors.


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Max. Laststrom

11.18 €

4 Arbeitstage 5 bis 240 VAC/5 bis 100 VDCAC100μ bis 0,5/DC10μ bis 0,512 VDC

7.60 €

4 Arbeitstage 5 bis 24 VDCDC10μ bis 2,012 VDC

7.60 €

4 Arbeitstage 5 bis 24 VDCDC10μ bis 2,024 VDC


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Grundlegende Informationen

Anwendung SSR Verriegelungsfunktion NA Anschlussform Für Leiterplatten
Höhe(mm) 12.5 Breite(mm) 17.5 Tiefe(mm) 6.5
Leiterplattenmontage Locheinsatz Leiterplatte Isolierungsmethode Photovoltaik-Koppler

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