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Tragbares Aluminiumgehäuse, Serie AMC

Tragbares Aluminiumgehäuse, Serie AMC

Aluminum case (for terminal equipment) which is lightweight, very strong, and attractive

· The main body is made of extruded aluminum and the front panel is of the mount angle type.
· Open/close of the corner frame enables the upper panel to be removed by lifting, therefore, simplifying internal maintenance.
· The upper panel is easy to process because it comprises an inset flat plate.
· This product is available with PCB insertion groove sizes that correspond to the DIN standard board (100 mm width) and the single euro card size (width 100 mm x depth 160 mm).
· Can be used as a mobile or wall mounted type.
· The depth dimension can be changed by special order.
· Suitable applications include, in the case of mobile or desktop use, office equipment, communication equipment, monitoring equipment, medical & research equipment, health devices, and measurement & control equipment.
· In the case that wall mounting is used, applications include medical or research-use electronics such as data collecting terminals, entry management/storage management, computer or data system peripheral equipment, and measurement control systems.


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Grundlegende Informationen

Breite B(mm) 104.6 Höhe H(mm) 35 Werkstoff Aluminium
Schutzfunktion (umweltbeständig) NA Zwischenplatte Ohne Leiterplatte Montage Innen
Farbe/Oberflächenbehandlung Silber Werkstoffdetails Aluminium Kompatible Batterie/Menge Ohne Batteriekasten

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