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Netzwerkgehäuse, Serie VWA

Netzwerkgehäuse, Serie VWA

Plastic case for electronic devices which can be used as a control unit and blends in with the surrounding space.

· Control unit that blends in with the surrounding space.
· This plastic case for electronic devices has a sophisticated appearance that will seamlessly blend in with the surroundings of a modern building, and can be used as a control unit for various applications.
· The outlet plug/connector junction and assembly screws are hidden by the trim, and the simple appearance of the case and cable enhances the aesthetics.
· There is plenty of space in the lower cover where small displays and connectors can be built in.
· The smoothly curved upper cover is designed to harmonize with information supply units such as LED signals, etc.
· By using the sealing kit sold separately, the dustproof and drip-proof performance conforms to IP65 protection rating, and the durable material means that this unit can be used as an outdoor terminal box.
· Applications include control terminals, access control boards, PC peripheral equipment, measurement and operation equipment, monitoring and recording equipment, medical equipment case, etc.


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