Smart-Gehäuse, Serie VQA

Smart-Gehäuse, Serie VQA

Plastic waterproof and dustproof electronic device box with a smart, rounded shape offering a pleasing appearance

· With shielding packing that is completely incorporated into the upper cover, IP65 (66) level waterproof and dustproof protection is achieved.
· UL94V-0 compliant flame-retardant ABS used.
· Screws are completely concealed by the left and right side trim.
· A retention set is included in order to prevent the upper cover from falling off.
· The operating surface of the upper cover has a concave structure (1.8 mm) to protect the membrane sheet.
· There is a label display space on the lower surface.
· High-quality stainless steel screws with a high degree of corrosion resistance used.
· Applications include heaters, ventilators, air conditioners, preservation, and other electric/electrical control devices.


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