Schnittstellenkonverter mit Signalleuchte PHE-3FB2

Schnittstellenkonverter mit Signalleuchte PHE-3FB2

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Simple control from a PC, etc. It provides clear notification with light and sound.

· Can be connected to a PC USB port/RS-232C port.
· A reset switch can be mounted for quick and easy manual initialization.
· With a simple communication protocol, the load on the software has been reduced.
· It can freely control three colors of signal lights and two flashing patterns.
· Built-in buzzer with four tones has a loud volume at 80 dB or more (at 1 m).
· Supports USB bus power and can also operate without using an AC adapter.

* This product requires the knowledge to create a program that outputs data from a PC USB port / RS-232C port.
* USB cable (type A male - type B male) is not included. Prepare it separately.
* Operation may become unstable depending on the power supply capacity of the PC's USB port.
In this case, use the AC adapter.
* Connect directly to a personal computer and do not use a USB hub, etc. Failure to do so may cause unstable operation.
* When operated by USB bus power, the indicator light will darken.



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323.00 €

Verfügbar 4 Arbeitstage AC-Adapter im Lieferumfang enthalten: Eingang 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) / Ausgang: 24 VDC


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Grundlegende Informationen

Shape Rund Thickness φ40 Rated Voltage(V) DC24V
Number of Steps 3 Color (top stage) Rot Color (second stage) Gelb
Color (third stage) Grün Light Source LED Buzzer (with/without) Verfügbar
Lighting/blinking Leuchtend/blinkend Schutzart IP20

Sie befinden sich auf der Seite für Schnittstellenkonverter mit Signalleuchte PHE-3FB2, die Teilenummer ist PHE-3FB2-RYG.
Sie finden detaillierte Informationen über Spezifikation und Dimensionierung unter der Teilenummer PHE-3FB2-RYG.

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