SUS-Werkzeugkoffer, 2275/2276

SUS-Werkzeugkoffer, 2275/2276

A double-opening SUS tool case made entirely from stainless steel.
· A newly developed all-stainless steel case that realizes high storage capacity while compact.
· Made of 18-8 stainless steel, which is also used in food equipment and which has excellent corrosion resistance.
· A minimalistic and simple design which features storage of the opening/closing link mechanism inside the case.
· The center box has a removable inner tray.
· The latch has a keyhole that allows secure storage of the contents.
· Optimal for maintaining stainless steel parts and tools.


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TeilenummerStandard-StückpreisMengenrabattLieferzeit?Case Size (Frontage x Depth x Height)

165.92 €

3 Arbeitstage 360×180×2104300

239.65 €

3 Arbeitstage 435×225×2405400


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Grundlegende Informationen

Tool set and tool box only Tool Box Toolbox Type Steel Tool Box Case color Silver
Product Type Double door type

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