Topfbürste für Druckluftwerkzeuge

Topfbürste für Druckluftwerkzeuge

· The brush is perfect for the removal of dirt and deposits on surfaces, is not an abrasive material like grindstones and polishing materials, and does not grind the product itself.
· For rust removal and oxide film removal after welding.
· For peeling paint and base layer treatment.


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TeilenummerStandard-StückpreisMengenrabattLieferzeit?Hair material Wire diameter
Trusco Code Mass

12.92 €

4 Arbeitstage Brass Plated Steel Wire0.27352-0676270Compatible Grinder Whetstone Diameter For 100 mm Pneumatic Tool

23.22 €

4 Arbeitstage Stainless Steel0.3352-0668270Compatible Grinder Whetstone Diameter For 100 mm Pneumatic Tool


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Product Type Cup Type Brush Outer Diameter(mm) 75 Hole Diameter(mm) 16
Product mounting part Hole Max. Rotational Speed(rpm) 12000

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