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Safety Mirror (Indoor Only / Mounting Type)

Safety Mirror (Indoor Only / Mounting Type)

Safety full-length mirror which is unbreakable even if hit with a hammer.
· 300 times greater strength than glass, making it hard to break.
· Strong against scratches (hard coat processing).
· It can be installed anywhere in the factory such as the entrance to air showers or locker rooms.
· Mirror material: Polycarbonate.
· Ideal for preventing foreign matter contamination in food factories.
· Ideal for sanitation check at entry.


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131.69 €

6 Arbeitstage Cannot be used in places where oil mist is generated.Lapped Flat SeamA hook with strong double-sided tape on the back surface. screw (4×30 mm)×2, screw (4×25 mm)×2, and chain (190 mm) are included.2301 pc.


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Grundlegende Informationen

Mirror Material Polycarbonate Type Mounting Type Mirror Shape Square shape
Number Of Mirrors 1 pc. Application Indoor dedicated Caution plate NA
Width(mm) 200 Height(mm) 300 Trusco Code 276-8585
Amount Of Content 1 pc.

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