Illuminating Cone Ring

Illuminating Cone Ring

- Can be used not only as a regular topple prevention cone, but also to prevent illegal parking and for road construction sites.
- During normal use, it is the bottom part that reflects most effectively as this is the part that receives the most powerful beams from vehicles.
- To prevent colored cones from tipping.


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19.38 €

6 Arbeitstage Simple use as a normal cone topple prevention tool to be an effective countermeasure against illegal parking or for roadworks. Effective at reflecting at the low position where light of cars reach the strongest just by using it normally.For preventing falling of color cones.Reclaimed Rubbers20001 pc.


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Product Type Color Cone Options Optional Item Cone Head Outer Diameter(mm) 365
Height(mm) 40 Trusco Code 372-7246 Amount Of Content 1 pc.

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