- Weak adhesive type.
- Does not release toxic gases when incinerated because it is made of polyethylene.
- Surface protection material for metal plates that has excellent workability and is easy to peel off.
- Winds in easily making bonding work easy.
- Can be used during drawing, bending and roll forming processes.
- Surface protection of metal plates such as stainless steel and aluminum, pre-coated steel plates, veneer, plastic plates, aluminum sashes, and the like.


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Stretch Base Materials Adhesive Cutting Method Amount Of Content

212.47 €

5 Arbeitstage 9000350%Polyethylene based filmAcrylicCutter Required1 Roll


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Grundlegende Informationen

Product Type Adhesive Tape Color Blue Type Width(mm) 1020
Length(m) 100 Thickness(mm) 0.07 Color Details Light blue
Adhesiveness 1.80N/20mm Tensile Strength 30N/20mm Rewinding Force 0.30N/20mm
Trusco Code 125-0302 Amount Of Content 1 Roll

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