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· A single tool can be used for tightening work on 2 sizes of bolt nuts.
· Capable of fast turning when tightening temporarily, which is an advantage of wrenches.
· The opening is inclined by approximately 15°, allowing for work in narrow spaces by using both sides.
· Own the whole set for rapid support of various bolts and nuts.
· For tightening hex bolts and nuts


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60/1 Set


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Type Double-ended wrench Ratchet mechanism NA Swivel (flex) NA
Width across flat dimension(mm) 5.5×7 / 4×5 / 3.2×4 Single Product/Set Classification Set Product Set Contents (Items) 3
Case Size: Frontage x Depth x Height(mm) 3.2×4、4×5、5.5×7 Trusco Code 376-6462

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