High-grade Ball Point L-type Hex Wrench (Short Neck Type)

High-grade Ball Point L-type Hex Wrench (Short Neck Type)

Independent new design for use as a tightener.
An original plastic holder makes for convenient transport and storage.
Designed so the hex shaped tip fits perfectly into the hex hole of bolts for maximum surface contact to reduce tool wear or slippage.
Neck length is approximately 1/2 of conventional products so can be used for work in tight places.
- Bending angle of under head is set as 95°to ensure work space.
- General-purpose Tools


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5 Arbeitstage 28.0An unique new design that helps in final tightening. With original plastic holder for carrying and better tool management. Designed with a larger contact area for the tip of the hexagonal part to fit perfectly into the bolt hex socket for better wear resistance and strength. Neck length is approximately half of conventional products and is effective for work in narrow places.


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Grundlegende Informationen

Type Hex L-shape wrench Tip Type Ballpoint Width across flat dimension(mm) 5
Single Product/Set Classification Single Item Overall length (L dimension)(mm) 165 Hex bar wrench underneck length (H dimension) L-shape only(mm) 14
Trusco Code 373-5435

Sie befinden sich auf der Seite für High-grade Ball Point L-type Hex Wrench (Short Neck Type), die Teilenummer ist HLDS250-5.
Sie finden detaillierte Informationen über Spezifikation und Dimensionierung unter der Teilenummer HLDS250-5.

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