Satz Steckschlüsseleinsätze mit Schraubenfänger


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6 Arbeitstage For hexagon bolt/nut tightening and loosening work.Allows for smooth work with one hand and is convenient for work in deep areas.The new socket holder was used in this product.One-touch operation easily removes the socket, and firmly mounts the socket.Compatible with hex bolt (millimeter).8・10・12・13・14・17・19mmTarget screw: T type torque screw; Clip color: Red; with socket holderSocket: Chrome Vanadium Steel, Socket Holder Clip: Polyacetal, Rail: IronUse the bolts/nuts that match the size. Ensure the socket is completely inserted down to the base before use to avoid slanted or shallow fastening against the bolt/nut.Insert the square drive all the way to the root. Do not use with power tools such as impact wrench. Do not use by attaching a pipe to the handle, or by hitting with a hammer etc.Do not use if damage such as cracking, chipping, abrasion, or distortion is evident. Use only for intended purpose.


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Product Type Socket Bit (for Electric Screwdriver) Opposite side dimensions(mm) 10 / 12 / 8 / 13 / 14 / 17 / 19 Insertion Angle(mm) 9.5
Width(mm) 40 Height(mm) 170 Depth(mm) 30
Weight(g) 268

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