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Mini-Seitenschneider mit Feder


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3 Arbeitstage Cutting of electric wires such as in communication equipment, TV, personal computers, precision instruments, etc.Made lightweight and tough for outstanding sharpness and durability.Because the spring can open and close continuously, one's hands will not tire even after many hours of work.Special steel.Never use for cutting items conducting electricity. There is a risk of electric shock.Do not use it for anything other than the intended purpose.Do not use exceeding capacity.


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Grundlegende Informationen

Product Category Nippers Nipper Type Nippers Overall Length(mm) 125
With or without spring Available Steel Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm) 1.2 Copper Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm) 2
Width(mm) 55 Height(mm) 125 Depth(mm) 11
Main body: option Main Body

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