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16.07 €

3 Arbeitstage Cutting iron wire / copper wire.Can be used for electrical work, civil engineering, construction, machine assembly and repair, and cutting work for general household.Made to professional specifications and treated with a unique heat treatment.Compared with conventional nippers, the cutting edge is large with a tough finish, so it has excellent sharpness and durability.Special steel.Never use for cutting items conducting electricity. There is a risk of electric shock.Do not use it for anything other than the intended purpose.Do not use exceeding capacity.


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Grundlegende Informationen

Product Category Nippers Nipper Type Nippers Overall Length(mm) 150
Steel Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm) 2 Copper Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm) 3 Width(mm) 50
Height(mm) 160 Depth(mm) 13 Hardness(HRC) 60~64
Main body: option Main Body

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