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Double-Sided Tape, No Backing Paper

Double-Sided Tape, No Backing Paper

Small wind double-sided tape without backing paper (release paper) that is easy to use.
· No backing paper, making it easy to use.
· Useful for putting up posters, notices, etc., on glass surfaces.
· Uses transparent materials for a clean finish without being conspicuous.
· The material won't degrade or change color over time, giving it great longevity.
· For adhesive work where the user doesn't want to waste time removing the backing paper.
· For hanging posters and notices, for sticking photos and articles in scrapbooks, for making product displays, for making photo displays, etc.


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34.56 €

4 Arbeitstage A transparent material is adopted for a beautiful finish that does not stand out; the product resists deterioration and discoloration to withstand long-term storage.1 Roll


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Grundlegende Informationen

Product Type Adhesive Tape Color Transparency Width(mm) 18
Length(m) 30 Winding Core Diameter(φ(mm)) 25 Detailed colors Transparency
Dispenser suitable tape C-40、H-127 Manufacturer Product Name Double-sided tape (no backing) 665-1-18 Manufacturer Model Number 665-1-18
JAN Code 4547452716944 Amount Of Content 1 Roll

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