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High Performance Oil Absorption Material (Teilenummern)


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5 Arbeitstage Capable of absorbing oil 10 times its own weight, or more. Highly lipophilic and hydrophobic, barely absorbs moisture and unsubmersible in water. Totally adhesive-free, superior in morphological stability thanks to its triple layer structure with non-woven fabric base. No harmful gas will be produced even when incinerated.PP (Polypropylene)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's approved product (P-586)1 Roll


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Grundlegende Informationen

Product Type Roll Application For Oil Size(mm) 500X50000
Thickness(mm) 4 Oil Absorption (Measured Value) 11.3g/g、1.2g/cm3 Manufacturer Product Name High Power Oil Absorbent (Luclean) B-50
Number Contained In Packet 1 Roll Manufacturer Model Number B-50 Amount Of Content 1 Roll

Sie befinden sich auf der Seite für High Performance Oil Absorption Material, die Teilenummer ist 1-8031-02.
Sie finden detaillierte Informationen über Spezifikation und Dimensionierung unter der Teilenummer 1-8031-02.

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