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Replaceable Blade Type Double-Edged Saw Edako (for General Building)

Replaceable Blade Type Double-Edged Saw Edako (for General Building)

- Cutlery carbon steel is used and the blade is quenched using impulse method (impact quenching), so that the sharpness will last for a long period of time.
- It is jump processed, so it is possible to prevent bending grinding.
- Comes with a convenient storage case that covers the blade.
- From DIY, to cutting unnecessary large products.


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4 Arbeitstage 260Uses tool carbon steel. Blade tip is impulse quenched (shock quenched) for a long life of the edge. Clearance angle has been given to prevent warping of saw blade.For anything from DIY to cutting unwanted large products.Carbon steel for cutting tools1 pc.


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Grundlegende Informationen

Product Type Double-edged saw Product Specifications Replacement Blade Type Material, blade Carbon Steel
Material, handle Rattan Blade Length(mm) 230~259 Overall Length(mm) 500~599
Blade pitch(mm) - Blade length (detailed)(mm) 240 Overall Length (Details)(mm) 580
JAN Code 4969402411509 Trusco Code 365-1550 Amount Of Content 1 pc.

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