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Vornschneider, 6101-200


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3 Arbeitstage Head Finish: Polished / Handle Specification: Plastic CoatingCan be used to cut soft wire, hard wire and piano wire. Designed to make maximum use of the principles of leverage, it demonstrates powerful cutting force with just a small amount of effort. Hardness of the blades which have been carefully quench processed is approximately HRC 64. Forged body is exceptionally sturdy. Made from oil-tempered and hardened vanadium electrical steel. The KNIPEX bolt end cutting pliers used for wire fencing and bolt or nail cutting have exceptionally cutting performance and are extremely lightweight and easy to use compared to similar standard products. 4 Features: 1. High cutting performance: Can cut up to 3.0 mm diameter piano wire. 2, Reduced load: Maximum use of the principles of leverage. 3, Easy to use: Lightweight, compact design. 4, Low-friction, smooth movement: Uses a simple single (layered) joint instead of complicated toggle lever construction


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Grundlegende Informationen

Product Category Nippers Nipper Type Nippers Overall Length(mm) 200
Piano Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm) 3 Single Product/Set Classification Single Item Mass(g) 435
Soft Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm) 1-6 Medium-hard Wire Cutting Capability(φ/mm) 4 Hard Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm) 3.5
Main body: option Main Body JAN Code 4003773029984

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