Einzelne Rolle/Superolle (SR36M-Typ)

· Attach the tool to the tool post of the lathe, press the roller part of the tool tip against the workpiece, and machine by rotating the workpiece.
· This is a versatile tool that eliminates the need to stock tools for each workpiece size.
· Round curved surfaces can also be machined by leading the tool along the shape of the workpiece.
· A spring is built into the tool body part, allowing the finish surface roughness to be adjusted by the spring pressure.
· For finish machining shaft peripheral surface and ends for low-volume multi-model production.


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Selfishly Trusco Code Mass

1,701.54 €

15 Arbeitstage 20Left486-07301700Roller Tip R2.5

1,701.97 €

15 Arbeitstage 25Left486-07481800Roller Tip R2.5

1,701.54 €

40 Arbeitstage 20Right486-07561700Roller Tip R2.5

1,701.97 €

15 Arbeitstage 25Right486-07641800Roller Tip R2.5


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