Import-Werkzeugsatz (62 Teile)

Import-Werkzeugsatz (62 Teile)

· It is a set of highest grade tools that includes carefully selected tools made by the world's top brands in each tool category.
· Achieves safety and functionality that enhance work efficiency as well as a beautiful design and sense of quality.
· A top-level set of tools for professionals who are very mindful of their own work and tools.


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2,148.93 €

6 Arbeitstage HAZET Socket Wrench (Hexagon Type, Square Drive 12.7 mm) x 5, HAZET Socket Wrench (Double Hex Type x 12.7 mm) x 9, HAZET Ratchet Handle (Quick Release Type, Square Drive 12.7 mm) x 1, HAZET Spinner Handle (Square Drive 12.7 mm) x 1, HAZET Extension Bar (Square Drive 12.7 mm) x 1, HAZET T-Shaped Slide Handle (Square Drive 12.7 mm) x 1, HAZET Double-Ended Wrench x 7, HAZET Double-Ended Offset Wrench (75-degree deep offset) x 6, KNIPEX Longnose Pliers (160 mm) x 1, KNIPEX Twin Force Nippers (180 mm) x 1, KNIPEX Water Pump Pliers (Quick Set 250 mm) x 1, KNIPEX Powerful Pliers (200 mm) x 1, Wera Phillips Screwdriver x 3, Wera Flathead Screwdriver x 3, BAHCO Monkey Wrench (308 mm) x 1, PB Swiss Ball Tools - Long Ball Hex Wrench Set x 1, PB Swiss Tools - Recoilless Combination Hammer (35 mm) x 1, HAZET Switchable Gear Wrench (Combination Type) x 10, PB Swiss Tools - Chisel (Flat, 18 mm x 165 mm) x 1, HAZET Hexagon Socket (Square Drive 12.7 mm) x 7


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Grundlegende Informationen

Tool set and tool box only Tool set Tool set type Chest Type Case Size (Frontage x Depth x Height)(mm) 540×230×290
Set Content(Point) 62 Insertion Angle(mm) 12.7 Mass(g) 23500
JAN Code 4989999378245 Trusco Code 767-2136 Color Matte Black

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