· The built-in double spring reduces the burden on the blade and fits securely to distorted copper pipes as well.
· Titanium coating blade with outstanding durability and sharpness is adopted.
· No further tightening needed with scale alignment.
· The WS22 tube cutter is used for the cutter, allowing use even in tight spaces.
· For precision cutting of copper, brass, aluminum, or thin soft copper pipes.


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Titanium coated blade Number Contained In A Packet

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5 Arbeitstage 279With titanium coated blade1 pc.


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Product Type Tube Cutter Cutting Performance mm 5~22 Maximum Thickness(mm) 2
Overall Length(mm) 189 JAN Code 4991756298581 Trusco Code 759-6901
Number Contained In A Packet 1 pc.

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