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Spezialwerkzeug, Diamantfeile mit Galvanikbindung

A Nakanishi polishing tool dedicated for ultrasonic polishers, which achieves heavy-duty sonic power. An extensive tool lineup supporting various machining situations is available.
· Suited for finishing high-hardness metals such as hardened copper and mold copper (removal of discharge hardened layer, etc.). Also suitable for polishing carbide dies and superalloy dies.
· Plastic, press. Ideal for grinding/polishing finely detailed areas and rib slits in all kinds of molds, including forging, header, diecast, etc.
· It can be used for grinding/polishing ceramics, precision electronic parts and precision machine parts.


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Particle Size(#) #320 Width(mm) 5 Length(mm) 105
Thickness(mm) 1 Number Contained In A Packet 1

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