Ersatzteilschrank Front 350–863 mm

Ersatzteilschrank Front 350–863 mm

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Klicken Sie auf dieses Bild, um es zu vergrößern.

A small parts case that uses iron plates with high strength and can be used with heavy objects.
· High rigidity, high strength specification which can withstand harsh usage such as 1 kg per 1 drawer when filled with small screws, etc.
· Also with consideration for safety aspects such as metal fittings for preventing falls and fall-off preventing clasps on drawers.
· Each drawer is equipped with two partitions.
· Placing the boxed units in the back and loose units in front allows the inventory to be checked at a glance.
· Can be also used as a storage cabinet to store fixtures such as name tags, wrist straps, and gloves in one drawer for each worker.



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TeilenummerStandard-StückpreisMengenrabattLieferzeit?Height (mm) Supplementary explanation Size Numbers of drawers Weight
RoHS Amount Of Content

129.01 €

4 Arbeitstage 268Drawers: 3 columns x 5 rowsExternal dimensions (mm): height 268 x width 350 x depth 243156000Corresponds To1 unit

170.80 €

4 Arbeitstage 405Drawer: 3 Abreast x 8 StacksExternal Dimensions (mm): Height 405 x Width 350 x Depth 243248900Corresponds To1 unit


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Grundlegende Informationen

Product Type Drawer Width (mm) 350 Depth (mm) 243
Installation Desktop Type Drawer type Small Amount Of Content 1 unit

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