Teilebehälter Außenbox B-19

Teilebehälter Außenbox B-19

Rugged ABS parts case that can be arranged in 6 different patterns by altering the layout of the inner boxes.
· The lid is transparent so the contents can be clearly identified.
· Impact-resistant, hard to crack, contents separately replaceable.
· Durable ABS parts case that can be stacked.
· It has a double structure that allows the inner box to be incorporated inside the outer box.
· It can be selected from 6 patterns by combining 2 types of inner boxes.
· It fully opens to 180°, making it easy to take out small parts.
· Ideal for storage of ever-growing collection of parts of different kinds and colors such as rhinestones, nail tips, etc.



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18.12 €

3 Arbeitstage 1.5L254(W)X41(H)X185(D)mm300Main Body: ABS; Lid: AS1 pc.


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Product Type Parts Case Amount Of Content 1 pc.

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