Hand Magnet, Detachable

Hand Magnet, Detachable

A removable hand magnet, which makes adsorbed objects fall off when the metal fragment is picked up and the lever is pulled.
· Can also be used for sorting empty cans made of steel and aluminum.
· Scattered metal fragments and nails can be collected quickly.
· For collecting screws, nails, metal pieces, etc.


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5 Arbeitstage Main Body, Adsorption Surface: Aluminum / Lever: Iron730It comes with a handle, so it can also be used in tasks that require the user to keep standing and in places that cannot be reached by hand. It uses magnets for its detachable function, so collecting metal pieces, such as scattered nails, is safe and simple. It can also be used for sorting empty steel and aluminum cans for recycling.With handle


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Overall Length(mm) 830 Load Resistance(kg) 3 Product Type Magnet hand

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