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Diamond Dresser, Polycrystalline Diamond Prism Model (DIADRSP-0.6-10)

Diamond Dresser, Polycrystalline Diamond Prism Model DIADRSP-0.6-10

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Diamond Dresser, Polycrystalline Diamond Prism Model:Related Image
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Diamond Dresser, Polycrystalline Diamond Prism Model:Related Image

Model NumberDiamond Size
Shank Diameter
Possible Operating Range
Total Length
[ ! ]The diamond has been embedded to approximately 3 mm, but please refrain from using 1 mm or more because of the risk of fallout.

Weitere Informationen

Operating Precautions
[ ! ]Please pour sufficient cooling water onto the diamond during dressing. Neglecting to do this will give rise to cracks and damage due to graphitization of the diamond with frictional heat, which will increase the wear.
[ ! ]Since diamond is brittle under shock even though it is an extremely hard material, please avoid impacts from the grindstone corner, dressing by feeding left and right from the center. The diamond may be damaged if cut too deeply, for instance, or if fed from the edge.
[ ! ]Please keep the depth of cut to 0.02 ~ 0.03 mm or less to prolong the diamond's lifetime.
[ ! ]The roughness of the grinding surface is related to the feed rate (within 250 mm/min) and the depth of cut. Increasing the feed rate creates a rougher surface, but the cutting capability is improved.
[ ! ]If you can feel a significant frictional resistance from wearing of the diamond edge, please use it evenly by rotating the shaft. An extremely sharp edge will be maintained.
[ ! ]Please take especial care with additional machining to the dresser shank as this can be the cause of accidents, including the diamond falling out, etc. Please refrain from additional machining to the region within 30 mm from the tip (diamond part). The working stress and impact, as well as the processing heat, during additional machining can affect the tool seriously and lead to extreme danger.

Grundlegende Informationen

Product Type Diamond Dresser Abrasive material Man-made Diamond Overall Length(mm) 100
Diameter(mm) 10

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