Ringschraube / rostfreier Stahl / drehbar / GN 581.5 (581.5-M20)

Ringschraube / rostfreier Stahl / drehbar / GN 581.5 581.5-M20
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GN 581.5 / Stainless Steel-Lifting Eye Bolts (Rotating)


Stainless Steel-Lifting eye bolts GN 581.5 are mounted in rotating bearings, allowing the direction of the force action to be adjusted and preventing inadvertent loosening or overturning (as potentially possible in Stainless Steel-Lifting eye bolts DIN 580).
Stainless Steel-Lifting eye bolts GN 581.5 offer a high load carrying capacity and they are tested to meet safety standards (safety factor 4).
The rated load carrying capacity listed in the above table is clearly marked on the ring. It applies to the most unfavourable load application of the load types listed opposite.
Stainless Steel-Lifting eye bolts GN 581.5 eye bolts comply with Mechanical Engineering Directive 2006 / 42 / EG and are BG tested.
The integrated RFID transponder clearly marks and identifies the sling and lifting gear, e.g. during the prescribed regular inspection.
The hexagon socket bolt cannot be removed from the ring.

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How to Order

How to order


• Ring
 Stainless Steel
  - German Material No. 1.4462
  - Forged
  - 100% electro magnetic tensile tested to EN 1677
  - Blank
• Bolt
 Stainless Steel
 German Material No. 1.4462
• Stainless Steel characteristics
• RoHS compliant


d1d2d3d4d5hk1k2Length lNominal load (WLL)
M 1218303230571256180.5 t [ 5 kN]
M 162235.53835661465241.0 t [10 kN]
M 2027.541.54740761674302.0 t [20 kN]
M 2433505648941992352.5 t [25 kN]

Method of Mounting

Method of
Number11222223 and 43 and 43 and 4
Angles of
90°90°0 to 45°45 to 60°asymm.0 to 45°45 to 60°asymm.
M 121.20 [ 0.34]0.50 t2.40 [0.68]1.00 t0.70 [0.24]0.50 t0.50 t1.06 t0.75 t0.50 t
M 162.40 [0.70]1.00 t4.80 [1.40]2.00 t1.42 [0.50]1.00 t1.00 t2.12 t1.50 t1.00 t
M 203.60 [1.20]2.00 t7.20 [2.40]4.00 t2.83 [0.86]2.00 t2.00 t4.24 t3.00 t2.00 t
M 245.20 [1.80]2.50 t10.40 [3.60]5.00 t3.53 [1.29]2.50 t2.50 t5.30 t3.75 t2.50 t

Safety Instructions

The loads given in brackets refer to the load capacity of the corresponding Stainless Steel-Lifting eye bolts DIN 580. If such a value is not indicated the use of the Stainless Steel-Lifting eye bolts DIN 580 is not permitted!
The bolt-on surface for the Stainless Steel-Lifting eye bolts GN 581.5 must be plane and at a right angle to the threaded borehole; the countersinking must be ≤ the nominal diameter of the thread.
Screwed in, the collar of the screw must make firm contact (do not use washers) and the eye bolt must rotate freely by 360°.
Before applying the load, turn the lifting eye bolt in the direction of the force. The lifting eye bolt is not suitable for frequent rotation cycles under load.
The specified load values apply for a minimum screw-in length of 1.5 × nominal thread diameter in steel with a minimum tensile strength of 37 kp/mm², at an ambient temperature of  -40° C to + 280° C. Load-bearing capacity under different conditions upon request.
Operating instructions with more details and specifications are included with every delivery
(see also www.ganter-griff.com/service).

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